Missouri’s public health system needs a full overhaul – transformation – and public health professionals have the greatest capacity to lead the change. Uniquely positioned on the front-lines, you understand the challenges families in your communities face. Your creative ideas can drive innovative solutions. Your relationships can bloom into strategic partnerships that energize the public health system. Like a complex machine with many moving parts, the public health system must operate at peak performance in order to ensure every Missourian has the fair opportunity to choose a healthier life. All gears must operate together, smoothly and efficiently. When internal or external forces cause the system to slow, lock up or break down, Missourians suffer.

Step Up

It’s time to gear up for Missouri! You play an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of Missouri’s public health system. Your “gear” must be performing well for the entire system to work effectively to improve Missourians’ well-being. Use your expertise and passion for Missourians to improve public health in Missouri.

Partner Up

Think upstream about more effective ways to address issues at their root. Then draw in the partners needed to increase capacity and build energy in the public health system. With public health leadership, we can all work together to ensure that every Missourian has the fair opportunity to choose a healthier life. Encourage your partners to learn more about public health and the #HealthierMO initiative, and then add their "gear" to the public health system.

Speak Up

Use the tools you have available to speak up for public health. By sharing information with your social media networks, engaging in conversation and advocating when possible, you can act as an ambassador for public health. Your stories can help others better understand that we all need to work together to create enviornments where everyone can be healthy.






Every "gear" in Missouri's complex public health system must operate effectively, together, for the system to perform at peak capacity and create opportunities for Missourians to choose healthier lives. Public health professionals share their passion as they explain how they "gear up" for public health.



Across Missouri, local public health agencies offer strong leadership to address unique public health needs in their communities. Their innovative partnerships and creative solutions embody the #HealthierMO initiative's vision of providing every Missourian the fair opportunity for a healthier life. Their stories demonstrate the urgent need to transform Missouri's public health system into a stronger, more sustainabile, culturally relevant and responsive system that can better meet the needs of Missouri's diverse communities and provide the supportive framework these local public health agencies need to succeed.