For many years Missouri's public health system has faced significant challenges with dwindling resources and increasing demands for service.
Today, Missouri ranks among the lowest in the states for health outcomes like smoking rates, immunization rates, cardiovascular deaths and violent crime.

In 2017 public health professionals under the leadership of Missouri Public Health Association (MPHA) submitted a grant proposal to begin a multi-year transformation process of Missouri's public health system.
The grant was funded by Missouri Foundation for Health and Health Forward Foundation for an initial 12-month period.
The first year was spent organizing for success, establishing a structure for transformation and collecting input from stakeholders.
The grant was renewed in 2019 for a 24-month period in which to establish a foundational public health services model for Missouri and conduct a capacity assessment.

Transformation Efforts

During Phase I (Sep 2017 - Aug 2018), the initiative hosted a large convening session at which to gather input. It formed an Executive Committee and an Advisory Council to guide transformation work and provide accountability. In Phase II (Feb 2019 - Jan 2021) the initiative is tasked with developing a foundational public health services model for Missouri and conducting a capacity assessment to identify gaps.


Public health is what we all do together as a society to ensure the conditions in which everyone can be healthy. A strong public health system depends on active involvement with community partners from all sectors. #HealthierMO facilitates meetings of representatives from Missouri's professional organizations focused on public health. This collaboration is the first step to strengthening multi-sector, interconnected partnerships that can work together to create thriving communities and a healthier Missouri.


Successful grassroots involvement in the #HealthierMO initiative depends heavily on clear, continuous, two-way communication. The initiative prioritizes transparent information sharing, listening to stakeholders and creating opportunities for active engagement.