Telling Missouri's Public Health Stories

Across Missouri public health stakeholders are addressing challenges, barriers and inequities with innovative solutions, unique partnerships and engaging programs. Read their stories to learn how they are working to build a #HealthierMO.

  • Bootheel's Bold Transition

    Southeast Missouri

    Fourteen local public health agencies in southeast Missouri embrace an audacious transition to electronic health records in hopes this effort to modernize and streamline public health processes will result in greater efficiency, improved accuracy, cost savings and increased income.

  • Greener Pastures


    Missouri faces significant challenges recruiting and retaining a strong public health workforce. Innovative ideas from seasoned experts and passionate young professionals may offer solutions.

  • Taking Strides Toward Excellence

    Douglas, Madison, Ozark and Polk Counties

    Four local public health agencies embrace the journey toward voluntary public health accrediation in Missouri and say the path was well worth the reward.

  • Providing Exemplary Patient Care

    Johnson and Montgomery Counties

    Two local public health agencies in Missouri provide award winning home health services in order to increase access to care, reduce health disparities, and integrate health care with public health systems.

  • The Sky's the Limit

    Hermitage, MO (Hickory County)

    A strategic approach to locating new funding sources nets Hickory County a brand new health department, fitness center and Farmer’s Market complex. The sky’s the limit for innovative creativity in this small, rural community near Pomme de Terre Lake.

  • Dips, Dance and Dentists: Saving the World - One Dream at a Time

    Greenfield, MO (Dade County)

    Residents in this small, rural community don't gather at the coffee shop or the beauty parlor, they hang out at the fitness center. With cooking classes, exercising, social hour and more, this facility has become a hub for community wholeness.

  • Ambassador for Public Health

    Hillsboro, MO (Jefferson County)

    The journey from frozen yogurt franchise to public health enforcement leads one public health worker to discover how two disciplines that seem to be at odds can work together to ensure a #HealthierMO.

  • Columbia Commits to Smoke-Free Public Housing

    Columbia, MO (Boone County)

    A proactive partnership and creative programming cleans up the air in Columbia. Community partners work together to share results from a clean air study, offer smoking cessation support and engage public housing residents in identifying solutions for implementing a new smoke-free policy.

  • Engaging Hearts

    Kansas City, MO

    A brand new mother, 20 years old, jobless, abandoned by her baby's father, reaches out to a nurse from the local health department for help. Nurse Wanda had been involved in Linda's life since her sixth week of pregnancy through the Nurse Family Partnership program out of the Kansas City Health Department.

  • Reaching the Finish Line


    Two of Missouri's largest professional organizations successfully reach the finish line this month after a multi-year effort to merge their organizations. Hear what they have to say about the merger and the value of their involvement with the #HealthierMO initiative.

  • Health Fairs Provide Invaluable Services


    Community health fairs are one of the most recognized forms of community-based health promotion in Missouri and a staple for many rural counties. Research is inconclusive on whether the benefits outweigh the costs or whether people have improved health outcomes from attending. But the family of one 5-year-old girl will tell you health fairs are invaluable.

  • Stepping Up to the Plate

    Pineville, MO (McDonald County)

    A disappointing phone call drives one local health department to reach out for help. Dispair turns to excitement as a new partnership leads to expanded programming that saves both time and money. Learn how this rural community in southwest Missouri is living the Public Health 3.0 model.

  • Staff-Sharing Model Facilitates Quality

    Bolivar, MO (Polk County)

    Rural communities struggle to hire quality professional staff when they can only offer part-time work and no benefits. One local public health agency in southwest Missouri has built a business model that offers a win-win situation for all involved and ensures quality, professional public health services can be provided in a rural community of any size.

  • Farmers' Market on Wheels

    Troy, MO (Lincoln County)

    A truck loaded with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables rolls into rural communities in central Missouri once a week during the growing season. The Harvest Hauler offers residents access to locally grown produce. In fact, this is their only opportunity to buy fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables in these rural food deserts. This innovative program supports the local economy and improves public health.

  • Support When 'Life Happens'

    Hartville, MO (Wright County)

    A unique multi-county collaboration started more than 35 years ago improves public health service delivery in nine southcentral Missouri counties today. The same team spirit that helped one health department get on its feet now ensures all nine health departments provide quality, consistent care to women, infants and children through a regional WIC program.


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