Professional Organizations Group

Representatives from Missouri's professional organizations focused on public health agreed to come together and collaborate in partnership with #HealthierMO in order to unite their voices around advocacy issues and create a stronger public health system. They emphasized the need to maintain their own identities as they realign under a more cohesive structure that will enrich membership and support the initiative to transform the public health system in Missouri.

Mission and Vision

Vision:  United for public health

Mission:  "Leading public health collective impact through advocacy, collaboration, communication and workforce development"


In August 2018, the group set ten goals around their four mission areas. The goals include uniting around key legislative priorities, formalizing the structure of the group and developing a sustainability plan. The group also plans to develop a system of gathering information from members and distributing information out to stakeholders. They will address workforce development by identifying recruitment opportunities, improving collaboration and developing a calendar of available trainings.


Since their first meeting in January 2018, the Professional Organizations group committed to work collaboratively in order to create a more unified voice for public health, increase advocacy power, and achieve collective impact toward transforming the public health system in Missouri.

  • Improved trust as a result of collaboration at these meetings led Professional Organizations to begin a conversation about creative ways to maximize CHIP funding claims in Missouri.
  • In October 2018, the group sent a letter to Missouri Foundation for Health and the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, now Health Forward Foundation, articulating their support for the #HealthierMO initiative.
  • In January 2019, the group sent a letter to Governor Parson, supporting a statewide prescription drug monitoring program that builds on the system created by St. Louis County and already being used in 71 jurisdictions across Missouri.
  • The group has identified key public health focus areas for the 2019 legislative session, including immunization requirements, a set of minimum qualifications for Missouri's Director of Health position, continued local authority for public health agencies, a statewide prescription drug monitoring program, and sustained public health funding.
  • Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Minutes 10/12/18

    Meeting Minutes 08/21/18

    Meeting Minutes 06/28/18

    Meeting Minutes 05/30/18

    Meeting Minutes 04/26/18

    Meeting Minutes 03/21/18

    Meeting Minutes 02/08/18

    Meeting Minutes 01/10/18


    Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies (MoALPHA)

    Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence (MoCPHE)

    Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)

    Missouri Environmental Health Association

    Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH)

    Missouri Public Health Association (MPHA)

    Missouri Council for Public Health Nursing (MCPHN)

    • Advocacy

      A key statement from the first professional organizations meeting in 2018 was, "We are stronger together than we are individually." The group recognizes the need for collaboration and the importance of speaking with a unified voice when advocating for priority public health issues among state and local policymakers. Advocacy goals for the next year include identifying two or three top public health priorities to champion among legislators.

      Chair: Kristi Ressel

      Meeting Summary 01/22/19
      Meeting Summary 11/27/18
    • Collaboration

      In just one session the group was able to agree on a clear vision and mission moving forward. All recognized the need to come together to work for the good of public health. Goals for the coming year include developing an information distribution system among Professional Organizations members and developing a process for gathering information from membership.

      Chair: Diane Weber

      Meeting Summary 01/22/19
      Meeting Summary 11/27/18
    • Communication

      In an early show of good faith, the organizations agreed to share legislative reports so that all participants could be kept informed on pending and future legislation that may affect public health in Missouri. This effort was a huge benefit for organizations that did not have the capacity to access this information on their own. Goals for the next 12 months include formalizing the structure of the group and developing a sustainability plan.

      Chair: Michelle Morris

      Meeting Summary 11/26/18
    • Workforce Development

      Respresentatives recognize the benefit of working together to provide more opportunities for their respective memberships. They agreed to collaborate on training and conferences, offer more opportunities to students, and cross-promote learning events. Goals for the coming year include developing a calendar of current workforce development opportunities, identifying opportunities for collaboration, and improving workforce recruitment opportunities.

      Chair: Dalen Duitsman

      Meeting Summary 11/19/18

    Upcoming Workforce Development Opportunities

    MEHA Conference
    April 3 – 5, 2019
    Springfield, MO
    Registration opens soon!

    MINK Regional Meeting
    April 12, 2019
    Kansas City, MO
    Registration opens soon!