Foundational Public Health Services

Every Missourian deserves access to fundamental, or foundational public health programs and services in their own community — services that protect people, promote healthy choices and prevent the spread of disease — services that offer every Missourian the fair opportunity to choose a heathier life.

What are Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS)?  (video)   Fact Sheet

Missouri Model Development Process

  • April 2019 — Executive Committee identified the process for seating a workgroup of public health system representatives to develop a draft FPHS model.
  • May 2019 — #HealthierMO initiative evaluator Todd Daniel, PhD conducted a literature review to provide background to the FPHS Workgroup.
  • June 2019 — The FPHS Workgroup met to define foundational public health services in Missouri.
  • July 2019 — The FPHS Workgroup will draft an FPHS model specific to Missouri.
  • August/September 2019 — The draft model will be shared widely to gather feedback from public health system stakeholders statewide.
     • Feedback will inform revisions to the model.
     • Missouri's finalized model will be presented to the Executive Committee for review and approval.
  • Spring 2020 — The FPHS Workgroup will draft recommendations for adoption and implementation of the model.

The initiative recognizes the value of interaction and input from a diverse group of public health system representatives across Missouri and covets feedback from all system stakeholders.

08/01/19 FPHS Workgroup Meeting Summary

06/26/19 FPHS Workgroup Meeting Summary

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Model Benefits

NACCHO lists nine broad benefits to adopting a FPHS model.

     • Articulating a vision of structure and service delivery for local health departments.
     • Providing visibility and a consistent identification for local health departments.
     • Substantiating investments in governmental public health.
     • Providing guidance on opportunities for new investments and informing decision-making about necessary cuts to staffing, programs and budgets.
     • Determining future workforce, training and recruitment needs for local public health.
     • Defining health departments’ technology needs.
     • Strengthening health departments' quality improvement activities.
     • Developing a common accounting and management framework for public health services.
     • Identifying standards under which health departments can provide strong leadership in improving public health.
Graphic that depicts the 2018 updated foundational public health services model from the Public Health National Center for Innovations.

National Model

The Public Health Leadership Forum created a minimum package of services in 2013, informed by the National Academy of Medicine's report For the Public's Health: Investing in a Healthier Future. This national FPHS model includes what NACCHO calls the "cross-cutting skills and capacities needed to support basic public health protections and other programs and activities that are key to ensuring the community's health and achieving equitable health outcomes."


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