Every Missourian deserves access to foundational public health programs and services in their own community — services that protect families, promote healthy choices and prevent the spread of disease.

FPHS Model Description

The national FPHS model informed by IOM's report For the Public's Health, includes what NACCHO calls "cross-cutting skills and capacities needed to support basic public health protections and other programs and activities that are key to ensuring the community's health and achieving equitable health outcomes."

FPHS Model Benefit

The FPHS model defines a minimum set of fundamental services and capabilities that must be available in every community in order to have a functional public health system. It allows the demonstration of cost for foundational public health services delivery, identifies capacity gaps and supports funding requests.

FPHS Model Development

As a member of PHNCI's learning community, #HealthierMO benefits from FPHS model development work in other states. In May 2019, #HealthierMO formed a FPHS Workgroup to identify FPHS and develop a draft model. The #HealthierMO initiative held focus groups around the state in late summer 2019 to gather feedback on the draft model.