Stakeholder Convening Session Outcomes

The #HealthierMO initiative gathered more than 100 public health stakeholders in Columbia, MO on March 1, 2018 to seek input on the structure and process for moving the initiative forward. The session was facilitated by Dr. Eric Armbrecht and included table discussions, polls, surveys, group discussions and other activities. The main objectives of the session were to reach consensus on the process for forming an Advisory Council and to identify the top public health issues the Advisory Council should address.

Image of wall of pink papers listing key reasons for transformation, funding in foreground.

Top Reasons for Transformation

Prior to the session, stakeholders were asked what challenges Missouri's public health system faces and what priority health issues the initiative should address. Three of the top challenges identified in the advance surveys were funding, leadership, and workforce development.

Discussion during the session was initially based on these survey results. Session participants were presented with a list of 12 top reasons for transformation. In the first round of voting, the issues that received the highest number of votes were:
Stable and increased funding (76% of the vote), and
Unified voice focused on priority issues (51% of the vote).

With those two line items removed, the group voted again, and the next issue receiving the highest number of votes was:
Higher quality and more consistent operations (46%).

Image of table groups discussing Advisory Council selection criteria.

Advisory Council

The group was presented with a draft concept for the structure of the Advisory Council and the process for selection. Participants voted on their initial level of agreement with the draft concept and then held small group and large group discussions to provide input on improvements to the draft concept. Nominations for the Advisory Council were accepted through March 26, 2018 and are now under review by the Steering Committee.

Image of facilitator Dr. Eric Armbrecht leading group activity.


Session participants completed a Communications Questionnaire to help initiative staff better understand how to communicate with the multiple audiences invested in public health in Missouri.

The initiative also called for nominations for a Communications Committee that will help guide communication efforts through communications planning, message development and dissemination, monitoring and evaluation.

Image of participant engaged in conversation at table.

Opportunities to Engage

The initiative depends on involvement from every level of Missouri's public health system. Whether you serve in the state health department, a local health department, an academic institution, or a public or private organization, your active engagement is vital to the initiative's success. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Use #HealthierMO on your social media channels.
  • Volunteer to help test new materials and messages.
  • Share information with your audiences.
  • Talk about #HealthierMO in your communities.
  • Sign up for weekly email updates by texting HealthierMO to 345345 and entering your email address, or submit your email address below.

Image of group discussion.