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July 2019  #HealthierMO Today

Strong public health leadership brings victory for the city of Springfield. "Help others help themselves," urges one public health employee to her peers. #HealthierMO initiative progress thrills like a brilliant fireworks display for one public health fanatic.

June 2019  #HealthierMO Today

The FPHS Workgroup meets for the first time to discuss the fundamental public health programs and services that should be avaialable in every Missouri community. They will create a definition of foundational public health services and a model specific to Missouri.

May 2019  #HealthierMO Today

The Communications Committee develops resources to support public health employees, informed by the Public Health Heartbeat survey and focus groups. The first Foundational Public Health Services workgroup meeting has to be rescheduled due to severe weather.

April 2019  #HealthierMO Today

The Foundational Public Health Services Workgroup is seated. Public Health Heartbeat and Commitment surveys capture public health stakeholder values and level of commitment to the initiative. #HealthierMO launches on YouTube.

March 2019  #HealthierMO Today

Pursuing the vision for a stronger public health system, stakeholders from across Missouri choose active roles in the grassroots inititiave and look toward development of a foundational public health services model specific to the Show Me State.

February 2019  #HealthierMO Today

Missouri's future is looking brighter with the launch of Phase II of the #HealthierMO initiative. Watch for new opportunities to actively participate and take ownership of this grassroots effort to transform Missouri's public health system.

January 2019  #HealthierMO Today

More than half of public health workers nationwide say they love their job, but plan to leave within the next five years due to low pay, no room for advancement and poor work environment. How can #HealthierMO help?

12/21/18  #HealthierMO Today

Telehealth offers new opportunities for public health to provide programs and services to rural Missouri residents. Local public health agencies in the Bootheel embrace an bold transition to electronic health records.

12/07/18  #HealthierMO Today

Missouri faces a shrinking public health workforce as seasoned experts retire and young professionals seek greener pastures. Could higher salaries, new recruiting strategies and credentialing programs be part of the solution?

11/23/18  #HealthierMO Today

Public health impacts every person in Missouri every day. It prevents the spread of disease, protects our families and our communities and promotes healthier lifestyle choices. Are you thankful for public health?

11/09/18  #HealthierMO Today

Local public health agencies share their ideas on what a stronger public health system in Missouri would include; four local public health agencies take important strides toward excellence in achieving Missouri accreditation

10/26/18  #HealthierMO Today

States across the nation express interest in #HealthierMO; local public health administrators describe benefits from transformation; two local public health agencies win awards for exemplary patient care

10/12/18  #HealthierMO Today

New representatives join the Professional Organizations group; initiative staff learn about successes and organizational values at regional local public health meetings; the sky's the limit in a rural Missouri county creating healthier opportunities

9/28/18  #HealthierMO Today

Planning begins for Phase II; expertise added to Communications Committee; Dips, Dance and . . . Dentists? — learn how one local public health administrator is working to save the world.

9/14/18  #HealthierMO Today

Phase I extended through December to allow continued momentum; look for opportunities to provide input this fall; time to weigh the risks, get off the shore and take the plunge - embrace change!

8/31/18  #HealthierMO Today

Dozens complete #HealthierMO e-learning modules; Phase I recap delivered at Director's meeting; public health worker discovers how two disciplines that seem to be at odds can work together to ensure a #HealthierMO.

8/24/18  #HealthierMO Today

Missouri's public health crisis is fueled by dwindling federal, state and local funding and increasing demand for response to disease outbreaks; universities commit to include #HealthierMO e-modules with students.

8/17/18  #HealthierMO Today

Funding proposal for Phase II submitted; new e-module helps public health workers better understand the urgent need for transformation in Missouri; #HealthierMO Today transitions to bi-weekly publication in September

8/10/18  #HealthierMO Today

Smoke-free policy comes as no surprise to Columbia public housing residents, thanks to a proactive partnership; Missouri faces challenge of retaining masters level public health graduates; Your voice matters to #HealthierMO!

8/3/18  #HealthierMO Today

Two new e-learning modules offer Missouri students, public health workers and community partners an overview of Missouri's current public health system and the urgent need for change

7/27/18  #HealthierMO Today

Initiative progress continues as year one comes to a close; Kansas City Health Department engages hearts through its Nurse Family Partnership program; #HealthierMO looks for "Best Friends" to listen and encourage those fearful of change

7/20/18  #HealthierMO Today

Reach out to friends, neighbors, faith-based organizations, and community partners. Every member of your community can be part of ensuring the conditions in which everyone can be healthy, under the Public Health 3.0 model.

7/13/18  #HealthierMO Today

The #HealthierMO initiative is having only good luck this Friday the 13th. The Executive Committee strongly supports the draft Phase II funding intiative, the e-learning modules sails through final edits, and congratulations are in order for #HealthierMO's environmental public health partners.

7/6/18  #HealthierMO Today

As we celebrate the 4th of July and freedom in America, we are reminded that in Missouri there are many people bound by chains of poverty, lack of education and other barriers that prevent them from having the freedom to live healthy lives. The #HealthierMO initiative seeks to transform the public health system in order to break these chains and offer every resident the opportunity for a healthier life.

6/29/18  #HealthierMO Today

The initiative commits to continue moving forward even as the end of Phase I nears. Representatives from the Professional Organizations group review draft sections of the Phase II proposal. Your help is needed to envision the future of public health in Missouri!

6/22/18  #HealthierMO Today

Health fairs provide invaluable services. Recruiters needed to help grow the #HealthierMO network. Smoking rates decline nationally, but increase among one Missouri group.

6/15/18  #HealthierMO Today

Advisory Council recommends defining foundational public health services as the top priority for Phase II. Champion, Recruiter, Matchmaker - find your role in building a #HealthierMO. Do you know the history of Missouri's public health agencies?

6/8/18  #HealthierMO Today

The list of Partners and Supporters for the initiative grows daily. Next week the Advisory Council will hear from two other states undergoing public health system transformation efforts. "Champions" needed - how will you help build a #HealthierMO? Find your role.

6/1/18  #HealthierMO Today

A brand new collaboration provides expanded services at a fraction of the cost. Dozens more confirm their support for the #HealthierMO initiative. The Professional Organizations group firms up its objectives for the coming year.

5/25/18  #HealthierMO Today

#HealthierMO gains interstate exposure at the APHA Regional VII meeting in Iowa. More than two dozen businesses and individuals are added to a Partners and Supporters map. The initiative looks toward the Advisory Council's recommendation for Phase II.

5/18/18  #HealthierMO Today

The Advisory Council discusses public health system challenges and ideas for potential solutions. The project manager heads to Iowa to tell the #HealthierMO story. A new interactive timeline highlights milestone achievements.

5/11/18  #HealthierMO Today

The first meeting of the Advisory Council kicks off today. The initiative seeks Matchmakers to help connect programs and individuals with a common public health focus. Meet two Steering Committee members with hearts that bleed public health blue.

5/4/18  #HealthierMO Today

The Advisory Council preps for their initial meeting May 11, and the Communications Committee starts work on an e-learning module for college and university students.

4/27/18  #HealthierMO Today

Formal invitations are extended to the Steering Committee's selections for the Advisory Council. A complete list of confirmed members will be posted in early May.

4/20/18  #HealthierMO Today

The Communications Committee assess communication efforts and identifies new strategies for reaching out to audiences and engaging in dialogue about the initiative.

4/13/18  E-Update Reformatted as #HealthierMO Today

Read updates on initiative progress, find out how nine local public health agencies have each others' backs when 'life happens,' and learn how you can become a social media superhero for #HealthierMO.

4/6/18  Celebrating Public Health All Year 'Round  Click here for printable pdf version.

If we want to make "public health" a household phrase and raise awareness of its impact and value to every Missouri resident, we must be assertive in telling the public health story every day.

3/30/18  #HealthierMO Initiative Forms Communications Committee  Click here for printable pdf version.

The initiative offers involvement at a variety of levels, from a seat on the Advisory Council or Communications Committee, to opportunities to share information and grow the #HealthierMO network.

3/23/18  Moving Closer to Alignment for a #HealthierMO  Click here for printable pdf version.

Missouri's professional organizations focused on public health consider alignment under a "coalition" model that allows each organization to maintain its individual identity.

3/16/18  Seeking Advisory Council Nominees Committed to Making Missouri Healthier  Click here for printable pdf version.

The initiative needs people with a general understanding of public health and a willingness to contribute to making Missouri healthier.

3/9/18  Energetic Session Engages Stakeholders  Click here for printable pdf version.

More than 100 public health stakeholders gather for a high energy convening session to discuss public health system challenges, reasons for transformation, and the process for forming an Advisory Council to lead the initiative forward.

3/2/18  Evaluation Team Begins Initiative Analysis  Click here for printable pdf version.

A strong evaluation team will use both qualitative and quantitative data to build an ongoing case study on the initiative’s progress, challenges, outcomes and impact.

2/23/18  Weigh in on Missouri's Public Health System Challenges  Click here for printable pdf version.

Stakeholders across Missouri agree that the public health system faces significant challenges with sustainable funding, access to care, timely data, communication and strong leadership.

2/16/18  Missouri Professional Organizations Unite around Public Health Transformation  Click here for printable pdf version.

During their second meeting, Missouri's public health professional organizations agree on a vision and mission statement to guide future collaboration.

2/9/18  Show Me #HealthierMO Initiative Outcomes  Click here for printable pdf version.

The initiative shows its commitment to outcomes by hiring staff, launching a website and Facebook page, meeting with professional organizations, and planning a stakeholder convening session.

2/2/18  Top Challenges for Missouri's Public Health System  Click here for printable pdf version.

Findings from key informant interviews and surveys of 360 stakeholders back in 2014 informed the 2017 grant proposal for the #HealthierMO initiative to transform the future of public health in Missouri.

1/26/18  Seeking Bold Risk Takers  Click here for printable pdf version.

The #HealthierMO initiative needs bold public health system leaders willing to take risks and tackle the big issues necessary to transform the future of public health in Missouri.

1/19/18  Public Health Intervention  Click here for printable pdf version.

Trained staff from a local public health agency rescue residents from deplorable conditions at an extended stay hotel and work with the owner to ensure conditions in which everyone can be healthy.

1/12/18  Stakeholders Express Optimism  Click here for printable pdf version.

Key public health stakeholders express optimism toward working collectively to improve the public health system in Missouri, stating "We are stronger together than we are individually."

1/5/18  Get Involved in Early Steps toward Transformation  Click here for printable pdf version.

You are a vital partner in the statewide, grassroots #HealthierMO initiative to transform the future of public health in Missouri. Learn about all the opportunities you have to get involved.

12/29/17  A New Year for Missouri Health  Click here for printable pdf version.

The new year offers a chance for a fresh start, a time to make changes that will lead to healthier outcomes – for each of us and for the public health system in Missouri.

12/22/17  Public Health Funding Proves Valuable Investment  Click here for printable pdf version.

Despite evidence to show investments in public health spending yield a favorable return and improve community health and well-being, funding continues to be cut at local, state and national levels.

12/15/17  Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri  Click here for printable pdf version.

Missouri loses ground on public health indicators like drug-related deaths, children in poverty, and excessive drinking, causing it to drop three places to 40th in the nation in the latest America's Health Rankings report.

12/08/17  Your Role in the Public Health System  Click here for printable pdf version.

Whether you work directly in state or local public health or with one of the many partners who make up the greater public health system in Missouri, your role is vital to building a healthier Missouri for every resident.

12/01/17  Missouri's Public Health Constellation  Click here for printable pdf version.

Missouri's public health system includes 115 local public health agenices, a state health department, and many public, private, local, regional and state organizations, initiatives and coalitions “grouped” around public health.

11/24/17  Thankful for Public Health  Click here for printable pdf version.

Public health touches every person every day - from breastfeeding mothers to children needing immunizations to seniors with high blood pressure. Public health is something we should all be thankful for!

11/17/17  Public Health 3.0  Click here for printable pdf version.

Public health leaders urge transformation to the Public Health 3.0 model, which calls for strong leadership and cross-disciplinary collaboration in order to ensure the conditions in which everyone can be healthy.

11/10/17  Initiative Gains Momentum  Click here for printable pdf version.

The grassroots #HealthierMO initiative hires staff dedicated to expanding dialogue with stakeholders, gathering input from across the state, and developing the framework for successful collaboration.

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